Mentoring 20/40

women at tableThe Institute for Women’s Policy Research report of June 2017 revealed that Black women face inequality on several fronts, including employment and earnings. Strategic career development and potential for upward mobility can be influenced by formal mentoring, particularly when led by experienced Black women in our community.

The Mentoring 20/40 program matches experienced Black women leaders with younger Black women seeking advice on leadership and support in career development.

If you are interested in sharing your experience and wisdom with a young black woman, please complete the mentor application and email to the address indicated on the form. Likewise, if you feel you can benefit from the life-lessons of a more experienced black woman, consider becoming a mentee.

Both mentees and mentors receive training prior to entering into the mentorship partnership. Professional advice and guidance based on mutually agreed upon goals, are provided through regularly scheduled meetings and directed assignments. The program runs for six months and includes some outside social/educational activities.