The goals of RICBW’s programs are to enable Black women to cultivate, enrich, and empower Black women as advocates for the viability, equality and equity of the Black community in the areas of employment, education, health, and economic development.

A 2018 infographic from the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island titled “Rhode Island Women of Color 2018: A Snapshot”, highlighted the stark disparities that Rhode Island women of color experience and the barriers that exist that keep them locked in economic insecurity. Our work in helping to address some of the issues highlighted in the report include organizing programs, establishing networks, and developing leadership talent.

Our current programs target the areas of education, economic empowerment, and political policy action as it relates to improving opportunities for financial security for Black women and girls. Our venerable education initiative, the LEAD mentoring program, which provides mentoring and leadership development opportunities for middle and high school girls, continues to provide meaningful experiences for young Black women.

The goal for economic empowerment programming, which plays such a critical role in helping to stabilize our community, is to engage in the connectivity between Black women and economic opportunities within the community. This effort involves coordinating seminars, offering referral resources as it relates to job and/or training opportunities, and providing a resource for appointments to boards and commissions.

The focus on political and civic engagement through our Political Action Committee will provide a mechanism for advocacy as we build leadership and a collaborative agenda addressing critical issues in the Black community.

Although most of our programs are designed to advance health, education, and economic empowerment for Black women and girls, we also convene to network, share ideas, and celebrate. Read more about our programs below.

LEAD Program
Mentoring 20/40 Program
Political Advocacy