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The Rhode Island Coalition of Black Women is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for the health, education, and economic empowerment of Black women and girls in Rhode Island.

Latest News

  • REACH 15!
    RICBW launches REACH 15! a new initiative to get out the vote in this very consequential election year. RICBW members have committed to reach out to at least 15 people (family, friends, co-workers etc.) and encourage them to register and vote in the upcoming November election. Members will share information regarding dates, options for how […]
  • Black Lives Matter: A Message to All Responders
    The brutal and senseless murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are the horrifying consequences of systemic racism and criminal policing, recorded and unrecorded. Since 1619 for four hundred years we have repeatedly seen these executions happen over and over again, without legal or moral accountability. We have gone from Hands Up Don’t […]
  • Women’s Financial Health
    As a woman, no matter your age, how long you’ve been working, whether a new or long-time business owner, you need to have a plan for financial health! RICBW is sponsoring a dynamic conversation to help you set and realize your financial priorities! Join us Saturday, February 15th at 9:30 at the Lifespan Community Health […]
  • Women of Color Summit:POSTPONED due to COVID 19
    Are you a leader or member of an organization for Women of Color? First Ever Women of Color Summit postponed due to the COVID 19 shutdown, New date: TBD Join RICBW and 40+ other invited organizations for this first ever gathering of Women of Color as we learn about the mission/vision of each participating group […]
  • Don’t Leave Money on the Table
    Women who negotiate increase their potential to earn higher salaries and better benefits packages. Research on the gender pay gap shows that, one year out of college, women are already paid significantly less than their male counterparts. Women who work full time take home 80 cents for every dollar a full-time male worker is paid. And over a […]